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Dark Hope (1)

I dropped my bag, slowly expelled the pocket of air that had gotten trapped in my lungs through my nostrils as soon as I set my feet into the big compound.

Here was freedom at last. Finally, the land is green; my dreams are coming true –one at a time.

The bright sunny Sunday afternoon slowly but surely giving way to a warm evening, the big round sun in all its glory gradually embracing the scarlet drape that would enshroud it till day break.

Time was 4.30pm and I had just moved into my own apartment.

I looked around me drinking in every detail of the tiny room that would be my living room, mine to do with as I please and I exhaled again in gratitude.

Thank goodness I got Tony to help out with adding a fresh coat paint to the walls two weeks ago. Even now, the faint smell of fresh paint still pervades the room as I mentally started redecorating the room to suit my taste.

I had literally blackmailed dad into paying for a 3 months interior decorating management course at DeGauze Academy and I definitely was looking forward to putting the knowledge acquired to good use in my new cozy apartment.

And maybe, I would get to snag the much sought after deal of decorating Dr. William’s new office suite.

And maybe I would bump into Charles, again.

Dr. Williams is dad’s long-time friend and our trusted family physician. To him we take all the petty and not so petty symptoms and he professionally always got us back in tick tock shape.

And the icing on the cake? He is Charles’ dad too.

Charles, sweet Charles. His dark skin reminded me always of chocolate, his lips luscious, always with a hint of pink wetness contrasting sharply with the dark shade of his skin but combine together so well to give him a unique appeal. His broad chest supported on both sides by the rippling muscles of his strong arms always have my imaginations running wide. Always.

When he speaks, his rich baritone voice resonates ever so softly, his dark cheek creasing with dimples beautifully; how I always long to trace the seeming soft contours ever so slightly with my wandering fingers. And then my finger could touch the pink softness of his lips and then…

Charles, the object of my fantasy for as far back as I can remember.

We had met first at his graduation party, even though the brief ten seconds eye contact with the barely audible coy conversation could hardly be classified as meeting. 

He just graduated with first class honors in Civil Engineering from the University of Lagos and was scheduled to proceed on a Masters degree course in the United Kingdom. His proud dad had thought it right to celebrate his success by inviting over a couple of close friends and family for a cocktail party.
I was a lanky and bashful teenager of over-protective middle class parents.
Dad and Mum had dragged my tired frame with them on a sunny weekend to go visit Dr. Williams and who was I to say no.

There I was trying to melt into the background, cowering behind dad when the Knight walked in!

My eyes, and every other pair of eyes in the room for that matter shifted to the brilliant celebrant.

He made his way slowly but surely through the small crowd that had gathered in the expansive lounge, smiling brightly, enduring the back slaps and firm handshakes.

And I trailed him with my eyes, taking in the full frame of his 6”+  frame and absorbing every detail of his seemingly handcrafted face. In a moment, I took in the high forehead, wrinkled by apparently smiling so much in the course of one day, his bright and sparkling eyes deeply set in his forehead, his full luscious lips with the tongue darting in and out like a lizard sneaking in and out of its abode, chanting barely audible thanks, his strong arms encased in the short sleeved striped shirt. Every detail taken in.


When did he get to my part of the room?

My eyes darted upwards and centred on his lips. Not by choice but because my head just about came up to his lips. And I wondered what it would feel to be lost in the warmth of his beautiful inviting lips. 

I wondered what having my first kiss with him would be like. Would it be slow and satisfying or fast and briefly lacking in depth like I had read about in some of my novels?

And I wonder what Debby, my best friend and superior in romantic alliances would have to say about this.

“Hi”. He repeated again slowly bringing up his arm from his side and uncurling his fingers to stretch out his hands towards me.

I gulped rapidly several times in quick succession and managed to croak a response.


The scent of his aftershave assailed my nostrils, curling itself overpoweringly around my head, threatening to drown me.

What is happening to me?

I felt hot and cold alternating between the two sensations and the air became suffocating all of a sudden, I had to escape before I made a greater fool of myself.


My eyes darted frantically around me searching for the nearest escape route; I took two steps backwards still looking at the outstretched hand like one would regard a weapon. Up to his face. His deep eyes probingly watching with a mixture of amusement and confusion.

I felt stupid at having been caught off guard and he must had felt my acute confusion too as he wasted no time in moving on to the next guest.

“Sweetheart, are you ok?” Mum asked. You look pale.

“I’m fine mum, just need some fresh air. Do you mind if I stepped out to the briefly?”

“Its alright dear, go on but don’t wander away from the compound.”

“Alright mum.”