Green Writer’s Hub…

I Had a dream a while back which I long tinkered with – to build an online hub where writers could connect, literally. I even ‘spoke’ with a few people who I felt we could work together in making this dream a reality but things did not quite work out so I decided to go it alone, albeit ‘panel-beating’ that dream a bit…for now

If I couldn’t achieve the ‘writers’ hub’ then I could make it a ‘writer’s hub’; for now, it’s my precious haven before others come on board, if at all they would.

Then picking a name, an appropriate one became an issue. Let me tell you more about why I am doing this.

Inspiration for this blog was originally birthed by the need to hone my writing skills, put my thoughts and works out there for public reading. That takes some nerves, really.

More importantly, I needed an online forum where aspiring writers as well as established or experienced ones can converge to rub minds on issues, ideas and strategies geared towards achieving all our dreams and goals. A forum  where the fresh writers could feel at home, yes at home; where they can tap into the wealth of knowledge of experienced writers.

A sort of multipurpose forum where you and I can post our works and get honest review; a forum where you can pick inspiration for your next writing project.

A forum where you can connect with editors and publishers alike. (lofty dream, that one)

On the choice of name:

Green is the color of nature; nature which is a friend and motivator of mine and so many other writers. Green symbolizes life, self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony.

Green also imply fresh, new, untapped, unexplored

A hub is a place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network. A haven is a home.

So if you are new to writing, you need some ‘green’ in your life; if you are conversant with writing and are in need of continuity, freshness, you need some ‘green’ in your life.

And If you are ‘unpublished’ yet or you have one or two published books in your kitty, aiming for the moon with your writing career, then I say welcome to this hub.

If you are ‘published’ and need some continuity or fresh ideas as well as to network or maybe you need someone to mentor, you are most welcome to this forum. Your inputs could / would change someone’s life.

Please feel free to submit your articles, write ups, etc for review and some (constructive) criticisms..heavy and light, in all shades.

The journey is as important as the destination, I believe.

Read my posts, leave your review or comments and post your works too, if you so desire. Be they short stories, flash fictions or poems.

Or just pass by, generally

Whatever catches your fancy

But….I need you as much as you need me;

So let’s walk this esteemed road together, it’s full of exciting promises.

Note: Even if I am the only one in the ‘HUB’, I choose to continue trudging.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I do not claim to know it all or to be there yet, but I am on the journey already; work



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